Membership – Please go straight to our Membership page.

Guide for Trips up Mulanje – To help members and visitors remember their responsibilities, we have prepared a one-page summary of do’s and don’ts for when they take a key, visit Mulanje and use the huts and MCM stores.

Checklist – it is very easy even for experienced hikers to forget bits and bobs. To help you make sure you have everything for a comfortable trip we have prepared the following checklist.

Hut Form – Download the Stores Inventory and Payment Form or ask your key keeper for a copy, the top half of which (Forestry and Club fees) should be completed before departure. Your party’s number or nights-up may change and these adjustments can be made once you return the key and finalise the fees payment. The bottom half of this form is a stores’ inventory table, which you should complete before leaving the hut.