The Mountain Club of Malawi is a social club for citizens and residents of Malawi. It aims to encourage and assist people to make the most of the unique opportunities that Malawi provides. Malawi’s many beautiful mountains offer everything from gentle walks to challenging terrains and support a wide variety of flora and fauna, rivers and pools.



Minunu Hut – A restoration

James Roditi

Minunu Hut

They waited under the forest canopy in the early morning light. Samson had already taken control. In his red Adidas three stripe track suit, wrap around shades perched on his domed shaven head his hooded eye radiated authority. He paced about the bags piled on the elevated lawn in front of the old Ruo powerhouse. A small group of men were beginning to stack up roof sheets and floorboards against the whitewashed wall. The rest stood apart. There were several hundred of them. The youngest looked down from the road snaking up into the lower reaches of the Ruo Gorge whilst a few women looked up from nearer the river. The majority stood, restless, in a circle about us. They talked amongst themselves. More packs were brought from my car and added to the pile. Tents, clothes, some tools, and food. When we were ready Samson addressed the crowd.

Word had travelled around both Gambeya and Ndaonetsa villages that we were going to restore Minunu hut, a cabin at the top of the Ruo Gorge. The hut, abandoned by its watchmen, had been ransacked, and near destroyed several years ago by poachers. High winds had lifted off the roof. The floor inside had been stripped , revealing nothing but bare, black compacted earth. The walls and the ceiling were charred from fires lit in the centre of the room. The concrete fire mantel had fallen away and the only furniture left were two burnt bedframes.

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Paragliding Course with Godfrey Masauli

Godfrey Masauli has been paragliding since 2011. His extraordinary experience has been presented in the award winning documentary Ndizotheka: The Boy who Flies , published in 2013. He has gone on to train as a paragliding instructor with Thermal Tracker Paragliding in the USA , after which he has been conducting training courses in Malawi.

If you are interested in learning how to paraglide and fly off Mulanje Mountain – this is a great chance to learn from Malawi’s first paraglider pilot himself, where it all started!
The course is for beginners and completes at the equivalent of the American P1 level – no prior experience is required. The training includes the theory with a written test, a minimum of 11h ground handling the glider, minimum 6 low flights from the student hill and the qualifying flight off Mulanje Mountain. A typical course costs K599,000 per person, which includes all the necessary equipment, instruction and supervision during the course. The course costs ultimately depend on the student’s effort, progression and availability.

Ground handling sessions can be flexibly organized for individual students in Mulanje, Thyolo, Blantyre, Chileka or and other place in Malawi, given access to a suitable venue such as a sports field or golf course. The venue for the low flights is a hill in Mulanje.
Depending on your time investment, progress, availability and weather, the course can be completed in 4 weekends and quicker if you are available during the week. You need to be reasonably fit for the training, 15+ years old (parental consent required if under 18) and weigh 60kg or more. After completion of the course you will be able to conduct solo flights under suitable supervision and join groups up Mulanje Mountain. This is a great reason to hiking up the Mountain and an even better way of getting down for those with knee troubles!

To make a course booking, for more information, please contact Godfrey on +265 995 448746 (phone or sms) or email godfreymasauli@gmail.com

Send your contact to +265999926230 on WhatsApp to be included on the Paragliding WhatsApp Group.

MCM Michiru Ridge Day hike – 1 August 2020

This had a group of 6 hikers and a ranger walking to the michiru peak, along the ridge and down to the Nature Reserve office. It was a hike on an uncommonly walked path with nice views and challenging terrain. A great half a day walk on the michiru mountain and nature reserve.

Remembering friends of Mulanje

John Killick

On 12th May John Killick a true Mulanje enthusiast passed away at Newlands home at the age of 91. John arrived in Malawi (a long journey by boat and train) in 1952 for a post as an agricultural officer in the colonial service. His wife to be, Anne, made the same journey a year later and they were married in Cape Town before continuing on to Blantyre. John was posted at various times to Thuchila, Mikolongwe, Fort Lister and the Chiromo Valley. With the exception of the latter all locations gave him and Anne easy access to Mulanje Mountain which they utilised fully during endless explorations and enjoyed enormously, introducing many others to mountain hiking. John and Anne were some of the founding members of the Mountain Club (which was established in 1952) and both served on the committee in various roles over those early years. John had a short stint working in Blantyre – a 5 days a week job! – which he was delighted to report allowed him to spend 89 days on Mulanje that year!

Martin Horrocks

Martin Horrocks, the previous chairperson of MCM (1996-2006), died suddenly from a heart attack whilst out hiking in Cape Town, on 30th June at the age of 76. Martin was head of science at SAINTS for 18 years before his retirement in 2011. His wife Miriam was head of English during the same period. Martin was a keen hiker long before he arrived in Malawi. His love of mountains and nature and passion for introducing others to these pleasures made him a great choice to become Chairperson of the Mountain Club of Malawi in 1996. He served in this role for 10 years organising numerous day and weekend hikes, extending his repertoire of stories that he generously shared round hut fires and during the ‘Chair’s report’ at AGMs, and introduced and enthused many newcomers to mountain hiking. In 1996 Martin initiated a project that was to consume him, his family and many other professional builders, architects, craftsmen and labourers for the best part of two years – the rebuilding of Lichenya Hut (the original having burnt down in 1995). Martin was, and rightly so, immensely proud of the end result which hikers now enjoy. Martin served on the WESM committee for most of the time he lived in Blantyre.

AGM Postponed

Due to the current restrictions, the MCM AGM is postponed until further notice

However, MCM is still available to give tips ad pointers for hiking and getting away from it all! Just get in touch with any of the committee members.

3 Peaks Walk 2019

Three Peaks Walk Saturday 22nd June, 48 Km of an amazing walk that takes you up and down Michiru, Ndirande and Soche.

Meet at 4.30 a.m. Blantyre Sports Club. Walk start 5.00 a.m. Likely finish 5.30-6 p.m. 4000 MKw to cover costs. No need to reserve – turn up.

Saturday 22nd – small bags will be taken to certain locations where we have some tea and biscuits – more information from Gordon gordonbenbow1@gmail.com 0888832879