Mulanje Peaks

The Mulanje Massif is by no means the only collection of peaks in Malawi, but it’s a good place to start. The most definitive list of Mulanje peaks was drawn up by Mike Petzold some years ago and published in the Golden Jubilee Journal of the MCM. The criterion used for these peaks is an all-round drop-off of at least 60m (ie 3 x 20m contour lines).


This splendid and informative volume is no longer readily available so Mike’s list is summarised in this document, with updated metric heights and grid references where available, plus new Google Earth .kml links (see the Mulanje Routes page for information on how to install Google Earth to use these links)

On a clear day, the majority of Mulanje peaks are visible from the top of Namasile; this 360° panorama was taken from the top, the following JPEG will display directly in a new browser window. Click on the image in the new window if necessary to display it at 100% magnification.

The main Mulanje peaks with their heights and nearest huts are shown below:

Pasted Graphic